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Ethics Line

This line is the valid and official means that allows stakeholders (Participants, Collaborators, suppliers, business partners, shareholders, among other interested parties) to report fraud events, corruption, improper or illegal conduct, labor aspects, conflicts of interest, and consult or report ethical dilemmas committed in or related to W Capital.

The Ethics Line is used to:

• Prevent and detect fraud and corruption events, illegal acts, and improper conduct.

• Make inquiries and request clarifications about ethical dilemmas or conflicts of interest.

• Manage reports and carry out timely verification according to the verification protocol for reports received through our Ethics Line, which was approved by the Risk and Audit Committee of W Capital.

• Take preventive and process improvement actions and control the environment.

All stakeholders who know and have the necessary evidence to report should do so. Therefore, it is important that the complaint refers to specific facts and not to speculation or rumors, and should contain and provide as much specific information as possible, in order to allow for adequate analysis of it.

All complaints are anonymous.

Characteristics of the Ethics Line:

• The channel guarantees complete confidentiality of information.

• It is important to provide as much information and evidence as possible to facilitate the verification process. In case sufficient evidence is not provided to carry out a verification, an additional period will be granted for the reporter to provide additional evidence. If the deadline is not met, the complaint will be closed.

• The reporter will be informed about the actions that have been taken regarding their complaint or inquiry. Depending on the mechanism used, a consultation or complaint code will be provided.

• All communications will be received and analyzed diligently and do not require the inclusion of the complainant’s personal data.

• There will be no reprisals against administrators, employees, or third parties who make reports to the Ethics Line.

W Capital takes reports seriously. The activities of transmitting or spreading baseless rumors, making reports, or providing deliberately false or misleading information will not be subject to follow-up or review.

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If you wish to report a situation that does not meet our ethical standards, fill out this form. We guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of the information.
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